Training and education

Sensor Partners offers those interested in thermography a wide range of training and education possibilities to become certified thermographers. We distinguish between a 1-day, 3-day and 5-day training. After doing these courses you are able to visualise, analyse and report thermal problems independently.

For a starting thermographer the most important aspects from the Level l training are summarised in a 1-day training. This is where you learn the basis which is needed to measure correctly. After this basic education there is the choice to participate in a 1-day follow-up training focused on the construction or on electrical thermography.

After a theoretical introduction about infrared, during the ITC Level l training first of all you will learn how quality data can be achieved by using a thermal camera. You will learn how you can measure temperatures in a correct manner, taking into account factors such as emissivity, reflection and distance. Furthermore, it is explained how an infrared image should be interpreted correctly by theoretical knowledge as well as by a series of practical samples. Moreover it is explained how costly mistakes can be prevented, for example by knowing the difference between a real "hotspot" and a reflection. Finally, a part of the education is devoted to the use of software so that you are able to set up a solid infrared inspection report. This 5-day ICT Level l training is teached by a Level lll certified instructor.

Training and education should be seperate from production, sales and marketing and FLIR systems has therefore developed the Infrared Training Center (ITC). The ITC instructors have years of theoretical and practical experience with infrared thermography and traing you to a certified thermograph according to the norms of the American Society of Non-destructive Testing (ASNT).