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The best sensors
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Sensors are devices that can measure a physical quantity and are often the basis of automated (industrial) processes. The quantities can be found in the fields of radiation, pressure, temperature, magnetism, level, motion, luminosity and chemistry, among others. We have categorized our sensors by their operating principle. Not sure which type of sensor can help you? Our specialists will assist you gladly To help you make the right choice.

What is your sensor issue?

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Why Sensor Partners?

We supply sensors

Whatever your application, we supply our products and required accessories worldwide directly from our own warehouse.

We have the knowledge about your sensors

Whatever your sensor issue is, our specialists will be happy to think with you, with the goal of finding a suitable solution.

More than supplier

At Sensor Partners, you can also find trainings about our sensors.

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Contributing to a more sustainable world

The world faces some major sustainability challenges, such as climate change, pollution and food waste. Our products can play an important role in addressing these challenges.

Our products can be used to collect data on the environment, such as air quality, water quality and in production. This data can be used to identify problems, reduce waste and develop solutions.

Our products can also be used to automate and optimize processes. This can lead to higher quality but also less waste and a reduction in energy consumption, thus reducing se greenhouse gas emissions. For example CO-2 reduction the manufacturing industry and the making agriculture more sustainable.

Save energy and costs with sensors

Our products offer the ability to monitor and streamline manufacturing processes in the industrial sector, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and lowering operational costs. Through accurate data collection and analysis, companies can take targeted action to reduce waste, providing both environmental and financial benefits.