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Save energy with sensors

Using smart IoT sensors and other measurement tools, we can accurately monitor and analyze energy consumption and/or energy waste, giving you insight into where, when and how energy is consumed. Our solutions provide you with the tools needed to save energy and reduce costs.

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Durable sensors

Solutions for Energy saving

preventive maintenance IOT

Preventive maintenance

Much maintenance is traditionally performed on a preventive or periodic basis. In both preventive and periodic maintenance, it is performed at predetermined times or hours of operation, regardless of the actual condition of the machines. This often involves a wide safety margin, which is inefficient and expensive.
compressed air leak detection

Compressed air leaks

Compressed air is a widely used energy source used for a variety of applications, such as powering machines, operating pneumatic tools and controlling processes. Unfortunately, in many industrial environments, significant amounts of compressed air are lost due to leaks.
Cleanroom monitoring

Cleanroom monitoring

IoT differential pressure sensors have proven to be a valuable tool for overpressure detection in cleanrooms by being able to detect overpressure at an early stage. Manual measurements of overpressure can be taken at regular intervals, but if there is a problem between these manual measurements, there will be production
engine hours monitoring

Engine hour meter in vehicles

An IoT engine hour meter will continuously monitor the ignition status on the vehicle and count how many hours it has been since the sensor was installed. The hour count value is automatically transferred to maintenance planning software both when the vehicle is in use and when it is parked.
Level monitoring level measurement

Level monitoring

How can level monitoring contribute to making your production process more sustainable? Real-time and online monitoring of tank levels can be used by Neuron IoT sensors and provide continuous monitoring of level changes to the second and liter.
energy monitoring neuron sensor

Energy Monitoring

Minimizing the use of electricity is important to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing peak power consumption by shifting activities to other times of the day will also reduce the cost of electricity. To implement efficient measures, it is important to

Maintenance of machinery

Proper maintenance of industrial machinery is vital to ensure operational efficiency and avoid unnecessary costs and downtime. Doing so can result in high fines, dangerous situations and image damage.
sustainability with iot sensorics

Sustainability with IoT sensing

Whether it is using energy more efficiently in buildings, optimizing water use in agricultural processes, or minimizing waste in production chains, IoT sensors play a crucial role.