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Safe environments with height measurements

In today's dynamic industries, ensuring safety and efficiency is essential. An important aspect of this is the accurate measurement and monitoring of heights in various applications. Sensor Partners, a leading provider of innovative sensor solutions, offers advanced height measurement sensors that are indispensable for safe environments.

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Safer environments with sensors

Solutions for Height measurements

prepare special cargo

Volume & special measurement systems 

A volume measurement system provides accurate measurements of the volume of various types of cargo to be transported via various modes of transportation. It accurately determines cargo volume, optimizes cargo space, and calculates freight costs. In addition, it provides complete control over the logistics process. Moreover, through advanced analyses and optimizations, it improves the
Headroom measuring systems

Headroom measuring systems

According to the Tunnel Act, the clearance height of trucks may be a maximum of 4 meters. An additional permit must be obtained from the RDW for trucks between 4 and 4.25 meters high. It is important for the driver to know the exact height of his truck before leaving the yard.
Safer environments with sensors

Clearance detection systems

Clearance height detection systems are used at business entrances and entrances, as well as critical infrastructure, to verify that vehicles are within allowable height limits, with the goal of preventing accidents, damage and delays.