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Solutions for Environment

Detect gases with gas detection camera's

Gas detection system

OGI gas detection cameras prevent hazards such as fires, explosions, toxic gas emissions and environmental risks by detecting leaks of invisible gases. They protect workers, prevent health problems, minimize financial losses and reduce environmental impact.
compressed air leak detection

Compressed air leaks

Compressed air is a widely used energy source used for a variety of applications, such as powering machines, operating pneumatic tools and controlling processes. Unfortunately, in many industrial environments, significant amounts of compressed air are lost due to leaks.
fire and fume detection

Fire and fume detection

Waste fires due to fire and scalding are an urgent and growing problem affecting both the waste management industry and society at large. These fires are caused by uncontrolled heat generation and ignition of waste materials, resulting in serious damage to infrastructure, environmental pollution and safety hazards for both workers and local residents.
Flare monitoring emission

Flare detection

Flare stacks are used in many industries to burn unwanted waste gases or combustible gases released from excessive pressure in equipment. Applications include oil and gas drilling, oil refineries, chemical process plants, gas distribution infrastructure and landfills. Regulations often require that the flame of a stack, or the pilot flame that the