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Creating a safer environment with sensors

On this page, you will discover how our advanced sensor technologies help increase safety in a variety of environments, from industrial facilities to commercial buildings.

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Safer environments with sensors

Solutions for Safety

Anti collision Transport Equipment signage

Transportation equipment signage

Prevent damage and accidents by checking for passing forklifts, pedestrians and other transportation equipment. Our signaling system, designed specifically for warehouses, ensures safety within logistics processes.
Wrong way sensors anti collision

Wrong-way sensors

Our wrong-way sensors are specially designed to ensure safety in high-bay warehouses by safely guiding forklifts and preventing accidents. The system is equipped with advanced ultrasonic technology and various convenient features that increase efficiency and safety within your logistics processes.
AVG automated guided vehicles

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

While navigating to the correct pallet or rack, attention must be paid to the obstacles and objects the AGV encounters. Through the LIDAR sensors, the distance to an obstacle is determined and the speed can be adjusted accordingly to avoid a collision. This eliminates accidents and errors caused by AGVs
prepare special cargo

Volume & special measurement systems 

A volume measurement system provides accurate measurements of the volume of various types of cargo to be transported via various modes of transportation. It accurately determines cargo volume, optimizes cargo space, and calculates freight costs. In addition, it provides complete control over the logistics process. Moreover, through advanced analyses and optimizations, it improves the
Headroom measuring systems

Headroom measuring systems

According to the Tunnel Act, the clearance height of trucks may be a maximum of 4 meters. An additional permit must be obtained from the RDW for trucks between 4 and 4.25 meters high. It is important for the driver to know the exact height of his truck before leaving the yard.
Safer environments with sensors

Clearance detection systems

Clearance height detection systems are used at business entrances and entrances, as well as critical infrastructure, to verify that vehicles are within allowable height limits, with the goal of preventing accidents, damage and delays.