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Handheld Thermal Cameras
Point & shoot thermal imaging

Handheld thermal imaging cameras provide hair-trigger thermal images at the touch of a button during all your daily inspections.

Handheld thermography cameras, also called point & shoot thermography cameras, from Teledyne FLIR are simple and affordable thermography cameras that have excellent basic functionality. Taking a thermal photo is done at the touch of a button. This makes them very user-friendly and well suited for quick thermography inspections.

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FLIR E86 thermal imaging camera handheld thermography

Streamline your daily operations

Daily inspection of thermal problems at buildings, power grids, oil and natural gas operations, etc. results in less downtime, cost savings and creates a safe working environment.

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FLIR T1020

The FLIR T1020 is a high-performance handheld thermal imaging camera designed to act as the ultimate tool to streamline your daily operations. The camera is

Preserve your production by saving on compressed air

Compressed air is a widely used energy source during production processes. Unfortunately, a significant amount of compressed air is lost daily due to leaks. Find the leaks and keep preventive control with compressed air leak detection.

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FLIR Si124

The FLIR Si124 is an acoustic imaging camera suitable for detecting and visualizing leaks in compressed air systems or detecting partial discharge in electrical

MSX® functionalities for razor-sharp thermal images

With the MSX® heat images are potential problems razor-sharp; from energy loss to moisture intrusion, construction defects and overheating of electrical and mechanical equipment.

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FLIR E8 Pro | Thermography Camera


The FLIR E8 Pro is a rugged, reliable yet lightweight thermal imaging camera with a powerful grip. With one hand, you easily perform thermographic inspections

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TELEDYNE FLIR | Handheld thermographic cameras

A pioneer in infrared cameras, Teledyne FLIR has been providing thermographic cameras for 50 years for building, industrial and R&D applications. From preventive maintenance, non-destructive testing, R&D, medical science, temperature measurement and thermal testing to surveillance, safety and production process control. Teledyne FLIR offers the largest selection of thermal imaging cameras for beginners to professionals.