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Fixed thermal cameras

Fixed (fixed-mount) thermal imaging cameras are used in automation applications to reliably monitor conditions and temperatures 24/7.

Teledyne FLIR's fixed thermography thermal imaging cameras for automation are suitable for visualizing and alarming temperature differences and hotspots for such applications as scalding detection and fire detection in waste bunkers and warehousing and storage sheds, hotspot detection in manufacturing processes, hot melt control, seal control and various other machine vision applications involving temperature monitoring.

Monitoring configurable conditions

Teledyne FLIR A50/A70 cameras with extensive configuration capabilities reliably monitor conditions in your environment.

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FLIR A50/A70

The FLIR A50/A70 are thermal imaging cameras and apply as an automation solution for reliable monitoring of all kinds of conditions and early detection of hot spots and fires. Available in version with image streaming or smart sensor configuration and with standard or advanced configuration. 

Monitoring complex applications

FLIR's A700 fixed-mount thermal imaging camera makes it possible to reliably monitor conditions in the most complex applications thanks to its many configuration options and associated advanced functions.

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The FLIR A700 is a thermal imaging camera suitable for visualizing thermal problems in production and industrially related processes. Available in version with image streaming or smart sensor configuration and with standard or advanced configuration. 

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Teledyne FLIR is the global market leader in designing, producing, and selling thermal infrared camera systems. FLIR is a pioneer in the field of commercial infrared cameras and has been delivering thermographic cameras for applications in the building sector, industry, and R&D for 50 years. From preventive maintenance, non-destructive testing, R&D, medical science, temperature measurement, and thermal testing to monitoring, safety, and production process control.

Fixed thermal cameras applications

Fixed thermography thermal imaging cameras are suitable for a variety of applications and work areas. Is your fixed camera application not listed? Please contact our advisor for the possibilities.

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Fixed thermal cameras knowledge base

Want to know more about fixed thermal imaging cameras suitable for continuous condition monitoring? The knowledge base article on thermal imaging camera capabilities for condition monitoring may answer your question. Is your question not listed? Please contact our advisor for the possibilities. 

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