The drones with built-in thermal imaging cameras make it possible to safely and reliably monitor an environment or area 24/7 for potential thermal problems

Therones with built-in FLIR thermal imaging cameras are suitable for visualizing large areas quickly and easily. The drones in Sensor Partners' range include FLIR thermal imaging cameras, gimbal and remote. Unique is the full control of the FLIR thermal imager from the ground for such things as color palette changing, temperature measurement and isotherm functions.

Inspect large areas with a thermographic drone

Quickly and easily visualize (large) areas in situations where daily inspections are difficult to perform manually by humans

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Thermografische drones DJI MAVIC 3

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Advanced

The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Advanced is an advanced drone with a built-in thermal imaging camera suitable for quickly visualizing large areas for more efficient daily inspections.

Visualize potential gas leaks

Unmanned or hard-to-reach environments can be safely and reliably visualized looking for gases using radiometric drone cameras.

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The FLIR GIS-320 is a radiometric drone camera and is suitable for visualizing potential gas leaks at unmanned aerial systems, unmanned ground vehicles and mobile platforms.

Drone applications

Drones are suitable for use in a variety of applications and work areas. Is your application with drones not listed? Please contact our advisor for the possibilities.

The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is a compact drone with an integrated thermal imaging camera suited for visualizing big areas during fires in forests and cities.

Thermography Drones knowledge base

Want to learn more about drones or possibly looking for another thermal imaging camera? The knowledge base article on the different types of infrared cameras may answer your question. Is your question not listed? Please contact our advisor for the possibilities.

Infrared radiation is not observable with the unaided eye. However by using thermal vision cameras it becomes possible to visualize the invisible radiation in applications with gasses, hotspots, 24/7 operations, etc.
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Teledyne FLIR is the global market leader in designing, producing, and selling thermal infrared camera systems. FLIR is a pioneer in the field of commercial infrared cameras and has been delivering thermographic cameras for applications in the building sector, industry, and R&D for 50 years. From preventive maintenance, non-destructive testing, R&D, medical science, temperature measurement, and thermal testing to monitoring, safety, and production process control.

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Ron van Sambeek - Thermography specialist

Ron van Sambeek

Questions about a thermographic camera? Ron is happy to assist you in making the most suitable choice. Ron is our thermography specialist.