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Material handling

Material handling includes all processes with regard to distributing products and goods over short distances or between a building and a transport vehicle. Material handling can consist of manual, semi-automatic as well as fully automatic processes and keeps in account the protection, storage and control of materials. More often it is technically as well as economically possible to further automate these processes. The use of sensor with this automation plays an extremely important role. The product package of Sensor Partners is consistent with the needs of this segment of the market.

Material Handling
Detecting compressed air leaks

Detecting compressed air leaks in pulp and paper mills

With compressed air leak detection with an acoustic camera, factories can detect pressurized leaks in compressed air systems more safely and up to 10 times faster than with point scan methods.

Presence and orientation control of caps

The smart-vs from Datalogic is a special vision sensor that can be used to check the presence and orientation of caps on a conveyor and can be easily and quickly configured due to machine learning.

Thickness measurement of insulation material

With a master/slave displacement sensor it is possible to carry out a reliable thickness measurement of insulation material resulting in minimal waste and maximal productivity.

Crate washing installation

The SM9000 series of photoelectric sensors are able to detect crates in a crate washing installation during the cleaning process despite the challenging conditions such as the big amounts of soap and water.

Profile measurement of parts in the coating process

The SS02 is a high-performance light grid suited for an accurate and reliable profile measurement of parts and semi-finished products during the coating process. This way, overtime and misproduction is prevented.

Detection for pallet transport

The SG2 licht grids from Telco Sensors is able to monitor whether a cargo with products on a pallet is shifting or inclining/ leaning forward during internal transport and thereby preventing damage and injuries.

Detection solutions with area sensors from the BX series

De BX-series area sensors are able to perform a reliable detection in automated production- and packing processes under challenging environmental conditions.

Protection of shuttle/ traverser for internal X-Y transport

The HSC safety edges from Haake are suited for the automation of processes in the horticulture and greenhouse construction to arrange for the underrun protection of a moving X-Y transport system.
RED-110 paper sheets count application

Counting paper sheets

A RED-110 edge detection sensor from Sensor Instruments is despite overlaps and double edges suited to reliably count paper sheets on a conveyor.

Counting folds and seams

A RED-110 is an edge detection sensor from Sensor Instruments that is suited to reliably count folds and seam in oil- and air filters and aluminium tubes.

The machine safety of the AGV

The LIDAR distance lasers and safety edges meet the demands for the machine safety for the AGV. When the AGV moves around the warehouses with these reliable sensors, damage and injuries of people and objects are prevented.
Positioning Traversing Cart LASE

Positioning traverser

A LASE laser sensor is suited to operate in a robust environment. This sensor is installed somewhere on the side of a production hall to then monitor the position of the traverser.

Positioning overhead cranes

The emitter/receiver photoelectric sensors from Telco Sensors are able to perform a reliable positioning of the overhead cranes towards the traverser despite the challenging industrial conditions.

Presence detection ATEX zone

A BX04 area sensor is suited to perform an efficient and safe detection of objects on conveyors in a hazardous ATEX environment. With bigger distances the Ex lasers can be deployed.

Temperature monitoring on a conveyor

The i-Tec mini is suited for monitoring the temperature of foods, textile and pharmaceutical products which pass on a conveyor. To monitor at multiple positions, the i-TecMiniBus can be used.

Control the web speed on buffer track bottles

The ultrasonic sensors from microsonic with IO-Link detect the amount of products on the buffer track after which will be determined what the optimal web speeds is on the transport route.

Control feed speed by means of height measurement

The crm+ series are ultrasonic sensors in a chemical resistent stainless steel housing suited to determine the control feed speed by doing a detection of te distance to the frozen fruit in the product feeder.