Processes in the offshore is about for example drilling platforms, spreaders & lifting equipment and mooring systems at docks. These industrial processes are incresingly automated. This automation of the processes includes reliable long- and shortdistance measurements, positioning of containers with portal cranes and an accurate presence detection of containers. Sensors are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow, glazed frost, etc. The sensors that Sensor Partners supllies are capable to perform reliable and robust measurements regardless of the challenging conditions. Our sensors are also applicable in offshore environments with ATEX-zones such as on a drilling platform with explosion danger.

The LASE distance lasers are an excellent solution, even in harsh weather conditions, to position the containers relative to the portal cranes.
Container ship moored at port
To be able to determine the distance and speed from a ship to the quay or jetty, LAM distance lasers with a big range are deployed. The measurement is shown on a display, which makes the mooring of ships easier.
With spreaders & lifting equipment, ultrasonic sensors are able to reliably measure distances to containers or cargo or to detect an end position contactless in every weather condition.
The LAM distance lasers are suited to detec the presence of helicopters, also in harsh weather conditions, after which floodlights lighten up the helideck and will be dimmed of turned off after detection.