Packaging industry

Packaging technology is all about speed and reliability. Sensor Partners also comes up with a solution in critical applications, where transparent materials are detected in packaging machines.

packaging industry
calendering thickness and width measurements
With a master/slave displacement sensor from Sensor Instruments you are able to carry outan accurare thickness measurement during calendaring, the process where thermoplastic materials are distorted into a foil.
Roll of packaging film on the machine food factory
The Spectro-MIR-10 are infrared sensors suited for carrying out thickness measurements during the finishing process of recycled plastic into plastic foil, also called stretching.
De BX-series area sensors are able to perform a reliable detection in automated production- and packing processes under challenging environmental conditions.
Chemical production of the bopp film. Film extrusion. Production of a stretch film of granular low density polyethylene. flat-slit technology.
The i-Tec Cube is a temperature sensor suited for monitoring the temperature of thin plastic materials. The materials can be reliably measured at high speeds with the heat-resistent sensor.
Canned tin often have a gloss surface which makes it difficult to detect with regular sensors. With a contrast sensor or an edge detection sensor it is possible to carry out a detection of welds on canned tin.
Because stacked transparent lids often are close to each other it is challenging to detect these one by one. With the edge detection sensor from our product range you are able to accurately count these stacks with transparent lids.
Color measurement of packaged T-shirts through transparent film
With color sensors from Sensor Instruments it is possible to consistently determine the color of a t-shirt, even looking through the transparent package.
With a gloss sensor it is possible to determine whether every product package is provided with a layer of plastic coating. This way, the packaging tears off less quickly and they will be better protected against water.
Temperature measurements during cardboard production with i-TecMiniBus
To prevent that during the complex production process, the cardboard sheets are not glued well to each other or they are warping, the temperature sensors can monitor the temperature during the entire cardboard process.
Invisible detection of product packaging on a conveyor belt with photocells from Telco Sensors
The emitter/receiver photoelectric sensors from Telco Sensors are thanks to its enormous power able to look through a plastic conduction on a conveyor and then count passing product packaging.
Temperature measurement plastic plates thermoforming
During the themorforming process, the shaping of plastic into a useful end product, temperature sensors can monitor whether the plastic is hot enough to start with the thermoforming process.
Diameter control roller
With a distance laser or an ultrasonic sensor it is possible to reliably detect when a wrapped up roll of packaging materials have almost ran out. After this the roll is fastly replaced and the process will remain running efficiently.
Edge guiding sensors
There are a couple of reliable sensor solutions available for arranging the edge guiding, the process where the correct position and course of packaging materials should be dealt with to prevent damage to materials.