The sensors of Sensor Partners are excellent to use in applications in the transport industry. Examples of applications in the transport industry are collision prevention, observing and controlling of (rail)roads, temperature measurements with asphalt laying and the positioning of automated warehouse vehicles. These sensore are exposed to industrial environmental influences such as dust and dirt. In outside applications, the sensors are dealing with several weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. The sensors in our product range are capable to resist the challenging circumstances and thereby deliver a accurate and reliable solution for your transport applications.

deployment of drones in the fire department
The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is a compact drone with an integrated thermal imaging camera suited for visualizing big areas during fires in forests and cities.
Modern sinks in public toilet with automatic water switching system.
The difffuse proximity sensors from Telco Sensors are due to the high excess gain, the IP67 protection degree and the discrete built-in suited for the automatic switching on and off of the tap or flushing on public restrooms.
Obstruction lights vluchtveiligheid Werma
With obstruction lights from Werma it is possible to recognize obstacles for pilots even in the most challenging weather conditions and thereby guaranteeing the flight safety.
Parking trucks with positioning lasers
The ZQ1-ML is a special series of high-performance positioning lasers from Z-Laser suited for projecting a line along a dock or garage to ease the parking of big vehicles for the chauffeur.
Hoogtedetectie van voertuigen
The light grids from Telco Sensors are suited for carrying out a height detection so chauffeurs always know if the truck can fit under or through a gate, bridge or tunnel.
Truck still in tilt position positioning with laser distance sensors
With emitter/receiver photoelectric sensors from Telco Sensors it is possible to perform a detection of the tipper when leaving a dock. With the EVOSIGNAL a warning signal can then be given off.
placeholder item
The robust and water-resistent stainless steel housing of the SM9000 photoelectric sensors are suited to be deployed as sensors in rollercoasters and other attractions where they are exposed to challenging conditions.
Height detection truck at a bridge or tunnel
In our product range there a couple of sensor solutions available that are able to perform a height detection of a truck to check whether it can fit under a bridge or tunnel and thereby preventing any accidents.
wisseldetectie spoorrails
With an industrial distance laser it is possible to perform a reliable distance measurement in the direction of an approaching switch on the railroads. This way, measurement trains and trial trans can accurately observe and control the rails.
A dump truck is dumping gravel on an excavation site, building landscape
The LAM distance lasers are suited to carry out a detection of the tipper of a truck when leaving a construction site to check whether it is still in tilt position.
Temperature measurement in road asphalting
To ensure that the asphalt laying process runs as smoothly as possible, temperature sensors can be used to monitor the temperature of the asphalt and thereby preventing a weak road surface.
Detection in public transport
In public transport such as in busses and trains, light grids can be installed in the (sliding) doors which offer full and reliable protection for people, objects and animals during the entry and exit phase.