Water-, garbage-, and environment industry

Sensor Partners sensors are ideal for applications in which they are exposed to a lot of pollution, water and weather influences. This makes them ideal for water, waste and environmental technology, including balers, large conveyor belts, but also level measurements in (dirty) water basins or sewers.

Air quality in operating rooms
With thee FLIR GF343 you are able to visualize the air quality in operation rooms and to track down potential gas leaks. This way, the safety of surgery staff can be guaranteed.
visualize potentially hazardous gases
The FLIR GF77 is a compact uncooled gas detection camera which is suited for detecting and visualising potentially harmful gasses in real-time with for example energy companies, oil- and gas facilities, chemical/ production facilities, the food and beverage industry, the agriculture, etc.
Si 124 application
An industrial acoustic imaging camera from FLIR, working via ultrasonic sounds, is suited for real-time visualization of potential leaks in compressed air systems.
Turbidity control application
A contrast sensor can be used for carrying out a turbidity control of cleaning water, which after a while will get cloudier because of bacteria, dust, fats, etc. which start piling up in the water.
Niveaumeting van het waterpeil
With a wireless radar sensor you are able to carry out level measurements up to a maximum of 5 meter and thereby monitor the water level at rivers, streams, trenches, etc.
Glanzende vlekjes op de matte glazen platen
With a gloss sensor you are able to inspect frosted glass plates for glossy spots, so that less products are turned down and the quality of end products increases.
Glansmeting op vleugel windmolen
The ZLP2 is a laser projector which is able to carry out an accurate laser projection on a rotor blade construction, after which the fiberglass mats are cut off along these laser markings.
Niveaumeting in drukomgeving
Special pressure- and chemical resistent ultrasonic sensors are suited to perform a reliable level measurement in a pressure environment, such as in pressure vessels and tanks for the storage of chemicals.
A gloss sensor with a 60° opening angles is suited for carrying out a gloss measurement on a primer surface to check whether a equal distribution of primer is applied.
Temperatuurmeting remschijf in windmolen
A pyrometer as OEM model is suited to monitor the temperature of brake discs in a wind turbine in the limited mounting space and thereby preventing that these stop working or wil overheat.
Paper and pulp processing job progression and tear/break detection
The SS02 series are light grids which can ensure that the paper or pulp will remain in the middle of the course. The SM 6000 series is a suitable solution for detecting any tears in the paper.
placeholder item
An SP LAM distance laser in an Atex housing is suitable for performing level measurement in silos for the storage of dusty products that pose a risk of explosion.
Conveyor belts
On conveyor belts in dirty environments such as with waste sorting machines, photoelectric sensors with a high excess gain can be used for product detection and the feed speed can be reliably done using chemical resistent ultrasonic sensors.
Level measurements
The ultrasonic sensors from microsonic can be used for measuring (water)levels within the water- and waste water sector. The sensors are suited for level measurements in water treatment, in pumping stations and overflow basins.
In the dirty industrial environments of balers, the SM3000 or SM9000 series of emitter/receiver photoelectric sensors can be used to detect the presence and reached levels of waste.