Wij hebben de sensoren voor uw toepassing

Met onze brede range sensoren kunnen we in vrijwel iedere toepassing voorzien. In welke branche de toepassing ook nodig is. 

Agricultural engineering

Agricultural engineering is an industry in which technology is rapidly developing. Agricultural machines are now high-tech systems in which productivity, reliability and maintenance of product quality are very important elements. The user has control over the whole process, from the beginning to the end. These insights are obtained by sensors in the machine, which report continuous status, quantity, position or distance to the control. The reliability and accuracy of the sensors is therefore very important to get the maximum yield from the machines. That is why many machine builders of agricultural machines choose Sensor Partners.

Assembly industry

The assembly industry includes all processes around the assembly of discrete loose parts or earlier composed parts into a composed end product. Here a distinction can be made in the piece production, series production and most common the mass production. The assebly industry previously was only handicraft. Now, all these processes are almost entirely automated. Sensor Partners offers a wide range of laser projectors for the automation of the assembly process. Application are here for example performing laser projections during the production of walls and ceilings or for the production of airplanes (which consist of composed materials).


The automotive industry or automotive is the industry which designs, develops, produces, promotes and sells cars (or motor vehicle in general). The automotive industry includes a big part of the total world economy. Partly due extreme competition and strict demands with regard to safety, this industry is one of the most progressed of the world when it comes to automation.

Wood industry

The wood- and carpentry industry includes applications in the forestry, the logging the wood-working and the timber trade. Due to the high resistance to dirt and shock, our sensors are widely used on special machines for the wood and carpentry industry. The right sensor makes the difference between a robust solution and an application with many problems.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a movement in which entire production processes and all facilities get a digital presence. Every component and each subsystem within an industrial company is becoming digitally approachable. The goal here is creating a complete overview of all measured insights and moreover creating more efficiency and yield in the production. Sensor Partners offers radar sensors which are capable to perform wireless level measurements in a wide range of applications, such as from the water level and several containers. Sensor Partner also provides with SmartMonitor an innovative solution to monitor all present machines in an industrial hall from 1 central system.

Material handling

Material handling includes all processes with regard to distributing products and goods over short distances or between a building and a transport vehicle. Material handling can consist of manual, semi-automatic as well as fully automatic processes and keeps in account the protection, storage and control of materials. More often it is technically as well as economically possible to further automate these processes. The use of sensor with this automation plays an extremely important role. The product package of Sensor Partners is consistent with the needs of this segment of the market.


The metal-industry includes the manufacturing of ores into metals. This is a complicated and extensive process. Think a process steps such as melting and shaping metals, temperature controle, metal inspections, length measurements for end use, etc. These are process steps which are carried out in environments with challenging conditions. To manufacture the ores into metals high temperatures of up to 2000 degrees are reached. The sensor that Sensor Partners supllies are capable to tackle those challenges in the metal-industry by performing reliable and accurate measurements of steel beams or metal tubes. Also the temperature sensors from Sensor Partners are suited for monitoring the temperature during the whole manufacturing process of metals.


Processes in the offshore is about for example drilling platforms, spreaders & lifting equipment and mooring systems at docks. These industrial processes are incresingly automated. This automation of the processes includes reliable long- and shortdistance measurements, positioning of containers with portal cranes and an accurate presence detection of containers. Sensors are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow, glazed frost, etc. The sensors that Sensor Partners supllies are capable to perform reliable and robust measurements regardless of the challenging conditions. Our sensors are also applicable in offshore environments with ATEX-zones such as on a drilling platform with explosion danger.

Plastic recycling

The plastic recycling industry is a complex and detailed process. From sorting, washing and extruding of recycled plastic to the production of new products with recycled plastic. The requirements for the plastic production process and for the plastic itself are higher. This creates more and more challenges for producers. Examples of applications are: the monitoring of the color of plastic pellets, the control of the foil bubble in the plastic extrusion process, temperature and thickness measurements during the plastic recycling process, etc. This increases the demand for innovative solutions. Sensor Partners offers a wide range of sensors that are suitable for reliable and accurate detection and/or measurement during the plastic recycling process.


The semiconductor industry includes the design and production of semiconductors and semiconductor devices, such as transistors, wafers, and integrated circuits. The production of semiconductors is a complex and extensive process. Think here about multiple wafers that are sticking to each other or the inefficient cutting of chips out of the wafers. These problems result in unnecessary costs due to damage or waste. Sensor Partners offers reliable sensor solutions to fix these problems.

Textile industry

The sensors which Sensor Partners supplies, are extremely usable for applications in the textile industry. In the textile industry fibers such as cotton are manufactures into a usable end product such as T-shirts. This whole process is very complicated and demands a high accuracy. Examples of applications in the textile industry are color-, structure- and contrast measurements on T-shirts, floor materials and other woven fabrics. Our sensors are capable to perform reliable and robust measurements for your application.

Automated access technology

Sensor Partners has a wide range of sensors especially for access technology. Our sensors are characterized by industrial quality and reliability. The sensors are used for lifts, gates, industrial doors and barriers and escalators, among other things.


The sensors of Sensor Partners are excellent to use in applications in the transport industry. Examples of applications in the transport industry are collision prevention, observing and controlling of (rail)roads, temperature measurements with asphalt laying and the positioning of automated warehouse vehicles. These sensore are exposed to industrial environmental influences such as dust and dirt. In outside applications, the sensors are dealing with several weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. The sensors in our product range are capable to resist the challenging circumstances and thereby deliver a accurate and reliable solution for your transport applications.

Packaging industry

Packaging technology is all about speed and reliability. Sensor Partners also comes up with a solution in critical applications, where transparent materials are detected in packaging machines.

Food & beverages

Hygiene is an extremely important aspect in the food industry. Our sensors can be cleaned by the high protection class or chemical resistant coatings, often also under high pressure. Special series are also produced from FDA approved materials and according to the EHEDG guidelines and comply with the ECOLAB standard.

Water-, garbage-, and environment industry

Sensor Partners sensors are ideal for applications in which they are exposed to a lot of pollution, water and weather influences. This makes them ideal for water, waste and environmental technology, including balers, large conveyor belts, but also level measurements in (dirty) water basins or sewers.