Length measurement of steel beams

Before steel beams are transported to the ovens, first the length of these beams are measured using two distance lasers which are resistent to operate in robust environments.

Measuring steel beams during the transport to the ovens

By using two distance lasers length measurements can be carried out of steel beams. An average beam has a diameter of 15 cm and a length of 10 to 20 meter. The beams are measured during the transport from the storage to the ovens. The lasers determine the length of the beam by measuring at the headboards. Because the lasers are located in a fixed position the difference that exists is the length of the beam.

Such measurements are often carried out in robust environments. In this example one laser is positioned in the open air and the other one nearby the oven. Because of this the lasers are provided with a protective housing with watercooling. The LAM 50 serie is a suitable solution for performing a length measurement of steel beams in robust environments.

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