Thickness measurement of insulation material

With a master/slave displacement sensor it is possible to carry out a reliable thickness measurement of insulation material resulting in minimal waste and maximal productivity.
Thickness measurement of insulation material

Determining the perfect thickness of insulation material for minimum waste and maximum productivity

When production insulation materials it is important that the thickness of the material fits perfectly with the demands and desires of the customer. Even with the smallest deviations of the desired thickness the product will get rejected. That means unnecessary costs and lost materials. Moreover this will be at the expense of the productivity on the conveyors. By doing a thickness measurement of the insulation material the quality can be guaranteed constantly. Fuirthermore, interventions in the production process can be done if necessary. The thickness measurement is carried out by a displacement sensor. these lasers work according to a triangulation measurement.

Master/slave displacement sensor is suited for a reliable thickness measurement

The L-LAS-LT-37-MA/-SL is a master/slave displacement sensor which can be used for a thickness measurement of insulation material. The range of the master/slave is for both 4 mm (starting from 35 mm). The resolution of the laser is 1 µm and the switching frequency is 200 Hz. With the potentiometer it is possible to adjust the tolerance settings. furthermore the master is provided with LED-display for changing the range and the sensitivity settings. The sensor communicate via a RS232 interface or they are configurable with Windows PC or laptop. Lastly, this sensor has 2 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs and 1 analog output (0 - 10 V or optional master with 4 - 20 mA).

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