Optimise the hygiene and safety in and around clean rooms

Our product range offers a wide choice of sensor solutions for optimizing the hygiene and the security in and around clean rooms. This way, people can be timely observed and detected and contact with surfaces around clean room doors can me minimalized.
Clean rooms application

Contaminants in clean rooms hae a negative effect on the performance of production processes

A clean is a controlled environment in which contaminants and several particles in the air are monitored to keep these within a certain limit. Clean rooms can be applied in various industries. Think for example of the aerospace, healthcare, electronics, in the army and also increasingly in the food and beverage industry. In all these industries to many contaminants can have a negative effect on the performance of production processes.

Clean rooms classification determine how clean the air is and the rooms are split up in classes; ISO 1 up to ISO9. ISO 1 here is a very clean class and ISO 9 is the dirtiest room, but still much cleaner than a normal room. People walking in and out oof these rooms should meet some very strict rules. People can not take watches, jewelry and decorative items as well as no food and drinks into these spaces. Moreover there is maximum capacity of three people who can be present in a clean room, depending on the ISO classification.

Sensor solution that meet the strict hygiene and safety requirements

To meet all these strict hygiene and safety requirements it is possible to apply several sensors in and around clean rooms. Think here of photoelectric sensors & light grids to detect people so that they will not get stuck between a door. With an activation and safety sensor it is possible to observe people early to create a safe environment around a clean rooms. Finally contactless switches can be deployed to minimise the contact with surfaces to optimise the hygiene in and around clean rooms.

Sender- receiver photoelectric sensors and light grids from Telco Sensors for reliable door security

The SMT 3000HC S30 0.15 T3 + SMR 3206 S30 0.15 T3 are a sender & receiver photoelectric sensor from Telco Sensors suited as a budget solution to detect people in a door opening. This model is equipped in a snap-housing and is applied mostly in doors because of the discreet installation. Furthermore the sensor has a range up to 6 meter and the sensor is provided with a 15 cm pigtail connector.

The SG10 is a light grid from Telco Sensors suited for the detection of people and objects in a door opening. Light grids detect an entire field in contrast with photoelectric sensors which only carry out a single beam detection. This light grid is available in different profile heights and have a range up to 10 or up to 14 meter. Also these light grids can be built-in discretely into the doors of clean rooms, because of the compact housing.

Hotron offers security and hygiene in and around clean rooms

The SSR-3 is an activation and safety sensor suited to timely detect people and objects around door openings. This is possible because of the big detection fiel up to 4 x 4 meter. This sensor uses micro waves to open or close doors and uses active infrared detection to prevent that the door closes when people or objects are still in front or between the door.

The ClearWave from Hotron is a contactless door switch suited for the automatic opening and closing of doors of clean rooms. With a handwave between a range of 5 - 40 cm door can be opened safe, but mostly hygienically.

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