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The FLIR is a compact uncooled gas detection camera with interchangeable lenses suited for detecting and visualising gasses such as methane, sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), ethylene, ammonia and more in real-time. This way, gas leaks can be detected faster en more efficiently. This camera has the flexibility to detect all these different gasses, because of the lenses which are easy to change between a Low range (LR) & a High range (HR) lens. The GF77 is ideal for the detection of gasses and carrying out temperature measurements for thermal inspections at energy companies, oil and gas activities, chemical/production facilities, the food and beverage industry and the agriculture.

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Making all invisible gasses visible

The FLIR GF series are gas detection cameras which are capable of making all invisible gasses visible. Oil- and gas facilities, energy companies etc. often consist of big installations and connections that require regular inspections. The chance of leaks or other damage is often small, but the consequences can be desastrous for the present people. The FLIR GF cameras are a reliable and accurate solution for the visualisation of different gasses in multiple environments. 

Uncooled gas detection camera for visualising gas leaks and carrying out thermal inspections

The FLIR GF77 is an uncooled suited for visualising gas leaks and is capable to carry out thermal inspections. This camera is a compact and affordable alternative for the leading cooled optical gas detection cameras. The FLIR GF77 moreover has a couple of convenient features that ensure an user-friendly and advanced solution for the detection of gasses.

Very sharp 4" LCD display

The very sharp 4" LCD display with ultra contrast is visible from each corner (180°) en in every surrounding. 

180° rotating lens

Shoot images easily from above your head, on the ground or at hard to reach locations without adopting an uncomfortable stance. 

Easily interchangeable lenses

With the easy interchangeable lenses (LR & HR) as an inspector you always have the flexibility to visualise a wide range of gasses with this camera.

Laser-guided autofocus

The laser-guided autofocus responds directly to every movement allowing the image to always be sharp. This is possible due to the built-in laser distance meter.

Advanced features for a maximum result

Temperature calibration for manual adaptation contrasts between gas and background. With 1-Touch Level/Span auto-adjustment capable of increasing direct contrasts. Accentuate plume movement with the FLIR High Sensitivity Mode (HSM).

Organize findings

Different tools are available to organize findings, such as GPS, Wi-Fi and annotation. Moreover multiple possibilities for making fast reports of findings.

Image frequency

30 Hz


7 - 8.5 µm


± 3℃


320 x 240



Temperature range

-20°C to 70°C

Thermal sensitivity

<25 mK


Gas Detection


Uncooled gas detection camera

Power supply

Li-ion battery

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